Double Daylo Wine

Double Daylo Wine Flavors

While we are working on building our stock of our awesome flavors we do have many bottles and flavors going in and out all the time. Please contact us to see what is currently available.

 Barn Owl Blush
Our signature white wine.  A very sweet blush style wine with an insane amount of fruity flavor that packs alot of punch!

Raspberry Cabernet

Our signature red wine.  A combination of the sweetness from the raspberries and dry Cabernet makes for a perfect blend of flavor.


A sweet wine made from fresh real strawberries.  We use over 1 pound of real fruit for each bottle!!!   
Triple Berry
A dry wine consisting of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry.  The combination of all three creates flavor on all ends of the flavor profile.  

A simple sweet wine that is delicious at all times of the year!  The tartness from the locally grown cranberries balances the flavor perfectly.
 Strawberry Kiwi
A very sweet combination of two fruits to create a very refreshing wine perfect for a hot summer day.

Strawberry White Zin
We took your basic white zin and kicked it up a notch by adding a bunch of strawberry flavor.  Made sure it was nice and sweet just the way you like it. 

 Cranberry white Grape
A combination of fresh cranberries locally grown that adds a great pair to the white grape wine flavor.
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